Interior shops

MOMO natural  自由が丘店  Jiyugaoka 

I bought a white cloth-covered sofa, a white sofa table, and a soft yellow rug.   
 IDEE shop 自由が丘店 Jiyugaoka


I had lunch at this cafe. Brioches were so delicious. I rarely have lunch at the nice cafe alone, so I was so happy to have my own time.   

MUJI 有楽町店 Yurakucho

I bought two single beds, popular among my coworker's, at this shop.

haluta nagano 

It was two hours' drive from our cottage to this shop. I was so excited at works of  famous furniture designers, for example Y-chair. Of course, I couldn't afford to buy them, but I could choose a nice table and nice chairs through salesclerk's help.

haluta nagano

ILLUMS Nihombashi

HELMI's  mugs

I bought them at ILLUMS. I will use them at our cottage. 

山のお家の家具を探すため、インテリアショップをいくつか巡りました。ずっと長く付き合うことのできる家具を選びました。saraに、その先に子供たちに、きっとたくさんの思い出が詰まった家具を譲りたいと思っています。家具 が届くのは1カ月先。楽しみです。

I went to several interior shops to look for furniture which we will use at our cottage. I chose furniture which we will be able to use for long time. My dream is that I will  hand over them to sara and future grandchildren with precious memories in the distant future. It will be one month before these furniture are delivered to us. I am looking foward to see them.   


White Christmas at our cottage

My family stayed at our cottage at Christmas Eve. I decorated there with little,lovely,and warm items for sara. 

Norwegian mini wooden Lantern . I imagined a lovely squirrel came to us  from Norway.
shop : Mormors Scandinavia 

Little Christmas tree from Lundby of Sweden. It's vintage.
shop : dkzakka  

Little miniature Christmas cake which matches well with white Christmas.
shop : dkzakka

En Gry & Sif のスリッパは、ばぁばからsaraへのクリスマスプレゼントです。
Slippers from En Gry & Sif. These are Christmas presents for sara from her grandma.

We had dinner at a hotel near our cottage. It srarted snowing again when we came back to our cottage.

In Christmas morning, the ground was deeply covered with snow. Sara was gazing out on the beautiful lamdscape.    

Sara Smile House で迎えた初めてのクリスマス。まだテーブルもソファーもなくて不自由だけれど、ラグをひいて、その上で朝食をとったりすることがsaraにはピクニック気分で楽しかったようです。こちらにはテレビがないので、家族3人で語らったり、絵本を読んだり、絵を書いたり、そんな静かな時間を過ごしています。

It was the first time for us to spend Christmas time at our cottage. There was no table, no sofa, but sara enjoyd  having breakfast on a rug like a picnic.There is no television too, so we always spend time with talking together, reading  picture books, drawing pictures, etc.


Little birds and Little sweets

Snow-white small dishes in little bird shape... These are dead stocks in the 1960s. I bought them because I wanted to put  little and pretty sweets on them.

A bite size mooncakes... These are Chinese traditional sweets. Enkaten is a specialty mooncake store. It produces various mooncakes which are so delicious.

A bite size sweets which are named Polon... These are like little snowballs, and so cute❤


our cottage

There is a wood stove in the living room. It is the first time for us to have it!

Sara's room is on the second floor.I choosed  lighting fixtures designed by Alvar Aalto that I have longed for.  

We live in an apartment house now, so she is very pleased with playing at the second floor.  

This room is a small study of sara's dad. He had  a dream of having his own study, and now the dream has came true.

Sara 's most favorite place in this cottage is a storage room. She calls it "secret base".
一部の外溝工事を除いて、Sara Smile Houseが完成しました。saraが自然と触れ合う機会をたくさん作りたいと、saraがまだ生後7カ月の頃から温めてきた私たちの夢がようやく叶いました。週末はできるだけこちらに来ようと思っています。家具はお金をためて少しずつ揃えていきます。

Sara Smile House was completed last week. The purpose of our having a cottage is that sara has opportunity of learnning from nature. We formed a plan to have a cottage about three years before, now our long-cherished plan came ture.We will go there every weekend. We will buy furniture little by little. 
I transfered Scandinavian goods from our apartment house to this cottage and enjoy displaying them.   


Shopping bag of the bakery"ANDERSEN"


I got this shopping bag when I shopped at the bakery "ANDERSEN" the other day. The design of this bag is the same as 40 years before and it specially used again for 40th anniversary of AOYAMA・ANDERSEN. The design is retro and so cool. I like it. I imagine how people thought about when they looked at it in those days. 


恵比寿ガーデンプレイス Yebisu Garden Place

いちょう並木を見た後は恵比寿ガーデンプレイスへ。クリスマスのイルミネーションが始まって、センター広場には大きなBaccarat のシャンデリアが飾られていました。今度は夜のライトアップを見に行きたいと思います。三越でも、クリスマスの商品がディスプレイされていました。最後の写真は、フィンランドLOVIの、木のプレートでできたポストカード。プレートに入った切り込みどおりにパーツを型抜いて組み立てると、ボールやタマゴ型のオーナメントができあがります。saraにも赤の小さなボールデザインのものを一つ買ってかえりました。

We went to Yebisu Garden Place after seeing maidenhair trees. It started an illimination event called "Baccarat Eternal Lights" with a huge chrystal chandelier. I want to see it at night next. 
I bought a wooden post card which sara wanted to buy at Yebisu Mitsukoshi. It is a product of LOVI
The last photo is  finished products of it. They are so lovely.




We went to Jingu Gaien to see maidenhair trees. The leaves have turrned beautiful yellow.
Children picked up leaves and threw them up delightfully, and adults enjoyed looking at such scenes.
I was fascinated by leaves which were falling from trees.