My spring style

Scarf  from EPICE
Bag from CIMABUE

All of them are my treasures. My dream is that I will give Sara all of them when she grows up to be a lady.  


Flowers for dear Anette

Dear Anette

I congratulate you on your graduation.
I  am sure you will  have many wonderful experiences at primary school.
I am watching your growth affectionately. 

ps. I wish you would teach Sara many things about Norway if we go to Norway.  

Today,Sara and I made paper flowers with thinking of dear Anette.


Happy family time with spring flowers


My husband and I have worked overtime ,and my mother has picked Sara up the nursery school recently. I have less time to be with her. I feel very lonely.
The other day evening, Sara had a temperture.My hasband and I had a quarrel about who took time off from work and nursesd her. I insisted  that  I could never take time off from work , and he insisted the same thing too. At that time,Sara asked us saddly " Who will take time off from work? " . I was very surprised to hear the such thing from her, because she is only 3 years old, and I thought she couldn't understand what we said.I  am a very silly mother. She always gives me her affectionate smile, but I can't do anything as her mother should be.

These photos were taken on this sunday. Spring flowers and Sara's smile were very bright. We had happy family time.


今日という日をたからものに "Today"





I fond wonderful words in my favorite blog"ChibiRu".

Today, which you have spent idly,
is the tomorrow of somebody who died yesterday
and was desperate to live.

The words was written by 趙昌仁. He is korean.

I wish your today will be wonderful.


さくら 桜  Cherry blossoms  


Cherry blossoms are at their best now. 
In the park, there were many people who enjoyed  viewing cherry blossoms and eating and drinking with family, friends, or coworkers under the trees. It is said that Japanese love the flowers so much because they only bloom for such a short time. Cherry blossoms burst into bloom, die and fall to the ground in a matter of days. Japanese see it as a fragile beauty.

I want to share my happiness with all of you.
Dear Maia  made a very beautiful illustration"Cherry Blossom Girl " for Japan. She told me she was inspired by one of my images of Sara. Thank you very much Maia.



cherry blossom season 

warm sunshine
my favorite masking tapes
and Sara's bright smile

my happy spring day