summer holidays


Dear my friends
Thank you for cheering coments for my previous post.
I want to shere many things about my summer holidays with you  but I have no time to write. I hope you can enjoy photos of 5 posts. I forgot to say about my promotional examination day. It will be in November. I promise you my best effort. Thank you again.

summer holidays ~ 松本城 Matsumoto Castle

summer holidays ~ カフェ明治学校 Cafe Meiji Gakko  

summer holidays ~ 松本市美術館 Matsumoto City Museum of Art

summer holidays ~ 小海線の旅 The Koumi Line


August ☆movies for girls

August from Komako Sakai calendar 

かもめ食堂 Kamome shokudō  2006

There are many tables and chairs designed by Aalto. Kamome shokudō is a dream shop for me.

I would never fail to drop in at this shop every day if it were an actual shop.

ARABIAの食器とおにぎりがこんなにぴったりくるなんて! この写真を見るといつもおにぎりが食べたくなります。
I want to eat "onigiris" ,which are rice balls, whenever I see this picture ↑ 


Calendar girls 2003 

This movie told me "No matter the age, women can  be beautiful heroines". I am glad to be a women.

めぐりあう時間たち The Hours 2002

Each of them has her own isolation. I found all of their isolation in my mind.

阿修羅のごとく Ashura no Gotoku 2003


We can watch scenes of 1979 in Japan. 

girl's movieで一番好きなものは、「The Virgin Suicides」です。先日、めぐみさんのブログLille Duで、とても素敵に紹介されていました。美しく、そしてはかない乙女期への特別な思いは、きっとおばあちゃんになっても消えないと思います。

Dear my friends
Thank you for always.
I have to study to get a promotion, so I will be unable to update my blog frequently.
Of course, I will continue following your beautiful blogs. Maybe I will be unable to leave comments on your blogs. I am sorry for my absence.